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Digital Marketing Strategy

Collaborative in-depth support to develop and execute effective digital strategies that drive business growth.


  • Marketing Insight and Research

    Using a blend of quantitative, qualitative 1st and 3rd party data we will uncover audience, competitive and product/service insights for growth.

  • Digital Marketing Audit

    Analysis your current systems and digital marketing ecosystem with recommendations to enhance, align and increase performance.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Insights into market leaders, new entrants, and high growth players to understand and craft a competitive strategy.

  • Strategic Planning and Recommendation

    Develop a digital marketing strategy that focuses on core objectives of the business and has a tactical plan to realise and exceed these outcomes.


Paid Per Click (PCC) is one of the most powerful channels for any business. Harness this power through our data led approach.


  • Tracking and Analytics

    We start all PPC campaigns by tracking only the metrics that matter, this is critical as it means that the AI platform combined with our strategy will optimise towards what matters most – sales, call, leads etc. Your data needs to be correct or without this, your spend will over-inflate results which result in poor business outcomes.

  • Account Strategy and Structure

    We see so many poor and badly managed PPC / AdWords accounts. KISS – Keep it Simple Silly! Don’t try and outsmart the system, further when you have so many things to optimse and each with only a small percentage of influence, your performance suffers and again, poor business outcomes.

  • Keyword Strategy

    We start by researching your business, the competitors and the audience. Knowing these 3 ingredients allows us to formulate a PPC keyword strategy that gives you the competitive edge – these are the hidden gems your competitors aren’t targeting, but make a huge difference once you start to.

  • Creative Content

    You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make them drink. The same for PPC ad copy, poorly written copy undoes your entire strategy. Keep the message emotive, you need an action, a click, so we ensure this area has equal, if not more focus to drive the performance better.


In today’s world Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is fundamental to any business success. Thankfully, we take the guess work out of SEO.


  • SEO Strategy

    SEO is more than keyword rankings and backlinks. There are over 200 factors that contribute to a SERP rankings on Google. We understand your business and implement a strategy to drive it forward.

  • Keyword strategy

    One of the most important SEO elements is the target keywords. Our teams will strategies these keywords and utilise in the link building strategy.

  • Link Building

    An essential part of any successful SEO strategy let’s build your internal link profile to add significance to your page keywords listed within search engines.

  • Content Creation

    We map out a content plan and calendar to align with your marketing objectives. This content is tailored to your niche sector and promotes your point of difference.


Data mining ensure we understand your audiences, how they engage with your website so Ardent can improve these interactions. Discover our Analytics services.


  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is one of the world’s leading Analytics platforms. Ardent’s Analytics services range from initial set up to advanced integration.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Increasing website performance is critical to successful digital strategy. By increasing your conversion rate it can have a huge impact on your P&L.

  • Goal Tracking and funnels

    Knowing what to track and how to track are two different items. From simple event tracking to enhanced ecommerce tracing to building sales funnels it is imperative your data is accurate and recording correctly.

Paid Media

Outcomes are at the centre of our work to drive leads, sales and business growth. Discover how to drive traffic to your website with paid media.


  • Display and Programmatic

    An effective programmatic advertising strategy to grow your business, via a direct return on investment either sales, leads or brand recall.

  • Facebook Ads

    Our Facebook ads experts help you establish your business objectives, identify your target audience, create strategic Facebook ads strategy to drive business results – leads, sales, awareness, or traffic to your site.

  • YouTube Ads

    Having a sophisticated omni channel screen strategy for your video across all devices. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and is imperative in any video / screen strategy.

  • Attribution

    Gain understanding on how all channels play a role in the path to purchase and influence the key goals of your website and campaign.

Creative Production

Integrated creative agency that specialises in Design, Branding, Digital Media, Traditional media, and Website Design and Development.


  • Branding & Creative Strategy

    Boutique in design not in measure! We are an integrated digital and creative agency that delivers BIG results! Having amassed over 20 years’ experience working with Australis’s leading brands from brand development and strategy, relaunch brands, a production that deliver on efficient budgets, through to local and regional campaigns.

  • Digital Media

    Cut through with your message across desktop, mobile and social with assets that resonate with your audiences. Stand out from the competitors with H5 assets that look and feel as good as Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

  • Offline Media

    Big productions on small budgets. No problem. We work on tight budgets and deliver big results. Check out our YouTube page.

Website Design & Development

First impressions count, and customers often do not give second chances. Our approach begins with audience identification, then working back from their wants and needs. Discover more about our Website Design and Development Services.


  • Website Design

    Websites that not only look beautiful, they place the UX front and centre and convert like crazy! Our website design team place the user experience at the core and build your brand around this.

  • Website Development

    We take a comprehensive approach to website design and development starting from coding and mark-up to web design and content. We pride ourselves as a team of experienced professionals working together.

  • User Experience

    Your website needs to engage with the audience in under seven seconds and it’s vital that your brand communication and differentiation resonates and inspires action.

Public Relations

We develop and execute meaningful Public Relations campaigns that enhance your brand’s visibility to be seen and most importantly desired.


  • Campaign Strategy

    Any successful campaign starts with a deep understanding of your brand, target audience and what you are trying to communicate.

  • Media Relations

    Our team of PR professionals and journalists work in collaboration to create a list of target publications and influencers. We tap into existing relationships with the media contacts that matter most to your business.

  • Digital PR Platform

    At our core we are an entrepreneurial agency founded on reinvention. That is why we produce, publish and pitch media releases through a dedicated client ‘newsroom’ using an integrated in-house PR platform.

  • Brand Monitoring

    Ardent monitors campaign results and brand mentions using a pioneering digital platform, tracking every conversation about your industry, company, competitor or product on the web and social media.

Content Marketing

Let ardent guide your business to succeed beyond your expectations with content marketing.


  • Blog Content Creation

    With blog entries written by our professional content marketers, you may increase search traffic and brand awareness, and bring more eyes to your site.

  • Infographics & Asset Design

    Make your brand stand out with eye-catching visual material. Our team has created anything from dynamic infographics that help tell a compelling visual tale to more traditional and professional white papers that lend credibility to your business.

  • Video Production

    High-quality video material can help you capture the attention of your audience. Make a splash with intriguing animations, video blogs, and more to increase your brand’s trust.

  • Website Copy

    Attract customers to your services with landing pages prepared by our content experts and point them to case studies that highlight your competence and history.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Improve User Experience and Drive growth with CRO. Work with us to help make the most of your existing traffic by delivering better results with our conversion rate optimisation services.


  • Our CRO Methodology

    We test all the possible solutions that we develop for your website to help pick the one that has the best chance of success. We also work with your traffic acquisition services, integrating them into our analysis to identify your users’ intent and expectations.

  • A/B Testing

    Using sophisticated software, Ardent Communications is able to determine which idea will perform the best for your specific audience. You could be surprised at what appeals most to your customers, so don’t leave it to chance when we can give you the answer.

  • User Testing

    By implementing user testing into your CRO campaigns, you can gain quick and efficient insights on the different stages of your website experience. Our team is able to partner you with a group of unbiased testers, catered to your target audience, to provide data on what does and doesn’t work.

  • Call Tracking

    With Call Tracking, we are able to track separate marketing strategies and the calls that relate to them so there is no extra sorting time needed!

Email Marketing

Don’t just email. Drive growth with customer experience automation. We provide you with a winning email marketing strategy to reach, nurture, convert and support your customers. We help you turn strong leads into revenue.


  • Email Design

    Our team create visually stunning yet practical emails to help achieve your business objectives. Our team of HTML email experts code every piece of content with care and test it across multiple email platforms, including those found on mobile environments.

  • Responsive Email

    Our expertise in creating mobile optimised emails allow us to adapt your communications, no matter how your customers choose to engage with your brand, whether it’s across tablets, mini-tablets, mobile or desktop.

  • Email Strategy

    When implementing email strategy, we focus on all the elements of the customer’s journey: Acquisition, Retention and Activation. This allows our team’s specialty in email creative, database/customer management and content creation to come together and achieve your business objectives.

  • Email List Growth

    Quality over quantity is always present in our minds when it comes to how we develop email lists and strategies to help them grow for clients. We are always eager to work with our clients to ensure a clear acquisition and retention strategy as well as help you understand the best practice goals to maintain your list’s quality.

Offline Media

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to forget the power and effectiveness of traditional offline media. From billboards and direct mail to television and radio advertising, offline media can still play a vital role in any comprehensive marketing strategy.


  • Media Strategy

    Developing a comprehensive offline media strategy is key to reaching your target audience effectively and achieving your advertising goals.

  • Media Planning

    We’ll help you identify the best channels and tactics to reach your target audience and achieve your advertising goals.

  • Media Buying

    We have years of experience in the industry and can help you identify the best media outlets for reaching your target audience and negotiating favourable rates that fit within your budget.

Not For Profit

Perhaps the greatest and simplest aspect to fundraising is to understand that people give because they are asked. Discover our non-for profit marketing services.


  • Philanthropic Strategy

    The strategy brings into focus the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are relevant to your fundraising ambitions and its success.

  • Brand Strategy

    It is important your organisational foundations are established before embarking on your renewed fundraising journey. Branding promotes recognition, familiarity and is an important element to your fundraising success. We can help establish a brand style guide that will support your organisations efforts to build true brand empathy.

  • Capital Campaigns

    Let Ardent ease the pressure of capital campaign strategy and execution. Our team will work with you to develop concepts, write, design, and deliver your capital campaigns to the highest standard. We make understanding your mission and goals our top priority.

  • Donor Acquisition

    Be one step ahead by using the latest in innovative digital marketing offerings to grow your database and ultimately your donations. Ardent’s pioneering donor acquisition campaigns offer bespoke solutions to drive success through qualified lead generation strategies.

Proof is in the pudding.

Digital strategies and proven results that speak for themselves. Find out how we have grown our clients online.

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Proof is in the pudding.

Digital strategies and proven results that speak for themselves. Find out how we have grown our clients online.

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