Video Advertising Trends

Youtube advertising - video on your phone

In today’s fast changing world, it is important to stay in the know – especially for marketers. Today’s complex media environment requires advertisers to stay on top of trends and act accordingly. This blog will discuss video advertising trends and how they can impact your business.

To begin, it is important to understand the different viewing platforms of videos. The most common include desktops, smart TV’s, mobile devices, and tablets. Of these, the mobile phone is the number one to watch video. Consumers spend about 20 minutes a day watching videos on their phones, which is “up nearly 40% from a year earlier, and ZenithOptimedia forecasts mobile video viewing will grow 33% in 2017 and 27% in 2018.” It is expected that video advertising will continue to grow because of the data.

Also, it is now becoming more common for advertisements to last between five and fifteen seconds. Many people do not want to see these ads in the first place, and so the short ones are able to keep their attention better. Geico and the Martin Agency did this during the year to appeal to their market better.

Furthermore, according to Business Inside, buyers have started to use third party brokers to report invalid traffic and Fraud. This means that agencies and buyers will have to pick up their game and find better and cleaner inventory. Publishers will now have to adapt their inventory and make it clean for all buyers.

Moreover, mid-roll ad impressions are becoming more popular. From the data, smartphones are catching up to PC’s in the share of video. This helps to demonstrate how popular cellular devices are becoming.

“Consumers are willing, sometimes grudgingly, to accept advertising in exchange for entertainment. The key to maximizing your video monetization will be to optimize their user experience and not frustrate them with failed delivery, a challenging user interface or content that’s hard to uncover.” These will not be the only trends to face video advertising so it’s important to keep up to date.

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