The Ad Stack Powered by Google

Google powerful marketing platforms are the complete Ad Stack. With Display & Video 360 used to buy display and video banners, Search Ads 360 is the enterprise solution platform for advanced PPC management and Campaign Manager used to track all of your paid activity using google tracking tags – Floodlights.

What makes Google Ad stack even more powerful is when more than one platform is applied to a marketing campaign. The combination of Google platforms means the activities being either managed or tracked through the Stack can be analysed and optimised in one view. This is beneficial in a number of ways:

Attribution Analysis

All channel interactions and conversions can be analysed in one clear view using Google Ad Stack. It allows custom attribution to credit channels uniquely depending on what the advertiser values. It helps identify answers to questions such as:

· What creative/video/ad has the best CTR?

· What channel is contributing the most conversions/revenue?

· What channel is driving the first interaction a user has with an advertiser’s brand?

Birds and Worms Eye View

It allows marketers to see all activity across organic, search and display impressions in addition to any other activity tracked (social etc) – all in one interface.


Floodlight pixels are used track conversions. The floodlight pixel is used tracked all activity i.e. be it display, search, email, organic, social channels. Ensuring all conversions are counted in exactly the same way, avoiding discrepancy issues. Removing two different marketing channels claiming the same conversion. A big plus as Facebook and Google always like to take the credit.

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