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PPC Strategy

Paid Per Click Ads (PPC) is a fundamental channel for any business trying to grow their brand online. It can generate traffic from in market audiences, raise awareness from those not as familiar with your brand or product and service, or knick your competitors market share. Learn the importance of a sound strategy that identifies the campaigns objectives and clearly measures the KPIs for success.

PPC Audits

Discover how well your current strategy and campaigns are performing and where you the nuggets for growth and improvement lie in your PPC investment.

A simple audit of the account can uncover some areas where you can not only improve the strategy but can also plug and save you valuable marketing budget from poorly managed accounts.

Keyword Strategy

PPC keyword strategy has evolved, however, one fundamental rule of thumb is a well-organised account leads to PPC success.

Find out how our approach has driven dividends with our partners. Ardent develops a well-rounded keyword strategy, that focuses on the users search intent, built around our client’s products and services.

Ad Copy

With PPC advertising the Ad Copy cannot be an afterthought. With PPC, just like with all advertising, the ad itself will make or break any campaign.

This is the moment of truth when the potential customer will click on your ad or scan to the next. It is imperative to ensure well crafted ads target the users search intent.

Is your ad copy up to scratch?

Shopping Campaign

Are you a retailer? If so, shopping campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads can open another powerful piece of armoury for your business. You can promote your online store, local inventory, send traffic to your website or local brick and mortar store.

Learn how these retail centric campaigns are bottom of the funnel, targeting in market audiences ready to buy.

Feed Optimisation

Feeds are essential for many PPC campaigns especially shopping and comparison sites. These feeds need to be built and structured in the correct format that allows Google, Facebook and other sites to easily digest and read these.

Ensure your feeds are optimised to avoid continual error messages and campaigns that underperform or do not commence.

Display Campaign

Display ads are often used for brand awareness and to reach objectives. However, they can be used right across the funnel with a well mapped out account and creative structure.

The behavioural, demographic and interest targeting, along with remarketing audiences and dynamic remarketing banners provides a powerful channel for marketers.

Reach your potential customers today through Google Ads or Display and Video 360.

YouTube Campaign

YouTube is the world’s 2nd second largest search engine and is where 14 million Australians turn to each month for an average of 19+ hours.

Learn how your brand can harness this market and implement a YouTube strategy to drive specific actions – awareness, consideration and create intent, as well as drive leads and sales.

Proof is in the pudding.

Digital strategies and proven results that speak for themselves. Find out how we have grown our clients online.

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Proof is in the pudding.

Digital strategies and proven results that speak for themselves. Find out how we have exceeded our client’s expectations.

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