Search Ads 360 Vs AdWords

Are you running Paid search campaigns in house or have an agency managing this for you? Are you using AdWords platform, wasting your energy just maintaining your accounts, where you should be optimising and improving their performance? Search Ads 360 (previously known as DoubleClick Search) is your answer!

Search Ads 360 Explained
Search Ads 360 (DoubleClick Search) is Google’s enterprise search management platform, as compared to the free entry level tool of AdWords. DS has a suite of tools to help marketers take their search campaign performance to the next level. SA360 saves time, reduces complexity, and provides state of the art measurement and optimisation features that will help you drive your business performance through Search.

Search Ads 360 Tools
DS allows multiple search accounts to be managed from one interface Vs AdWords which is just Google. Advertisers can report on and optimise AdWords, Bing, Baidu and Yahoo Japan accounts in one central place. An easy to use UX allows for accurate measurement between accounts and straightforward campaign optimisation at scale.

Floodlight tracking only available in Search Ads 360 (and Google Stack) allows a single pixel across search engine accounts and de-duplicate against other marketing channels eg Display, Social, eDM etc. Huge bonus – not available in AdWords, so if you are wanting performance and accurate conversion data Search Ads 360 is the better option.

The beauty of DS is the bid management tool which is a complex algorithmic bidding system to achieve your conversion goals. A huge advantage over the free Adwords which has the advertiser locked into 1 objective per campaign, Search Ads 360 is highly flexible allowing bidding towards different goal types, engine accounts, custom metrics and a host of attribution models, including SA360’s own Data Driven Attribution Model. The bidding tools not only optimise keyword and product group level bids, but device, RLSA and location adjustments can all be automated within a single, holistic bidding strategy. SA360 optimises 4 times per day compared with AdWords 1x time only per day. SA360’s bid management feature will save you time and further make data driven changes at a scale not possible through human management.

Spend more time on high level strategic tasks with automated rules to control everything from campaign activation and keyword labelling to performance anomaly alerts and bid strategy application.

In terms of reporting tools, SA360 has it covered in comparison to AdWords. It has the ability to create visually appealing Executive report dashboards to give key stakeholders a clear overview of top-level performance in an easily shareable format.

Whether you are an e-commerce business or not, Search Ads 360 will create hugely scalable search campaigns using the enhanced inventory management tool. Simply plug in your feed to DS, with a host of templates and functions available to create diverse campaigns at large scale, with dynamic attributes that will deliver the most relevant message to your user. This advanced feature is not available in the free AdWords.

Using the learnings and key information from within your business to drive insights and automation. Advertisers data can be used to segment, and fuse reports suited to your business.

SA360 is a part of the wider DoubleClick stack (DV360 or DBM and Campaign Manager), which allows reporting and attribution to be taken to the next level. Search Ads 360 will continue to integrate with Display & Video 360 and the Campaign Manager measurement tools, to provide an in birds eye and worms eye view of your data to driver better activation decisions.

If you currently running AdWords, have this in place to drive business objectives, it is time to improve the performance with Search Ads 360. With finite resources including marketing spend, can you afford not to?

Want to see how Search Ads 360 will drive a greater performance to your Search campaigns talk to Ardent Communications today.