Banner and Video Ads

Programmatic Advertising Performance

An effective programmatic advertising strategy to grow your business, via a direct return on investment either sales, leads or brand recall.

Digital Consultancy

Run effective Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) campaigns to reach those strict CPA benchmarks

Brand Marketing

Reach your target audience on their mobile device with a mobile 1st digital strategy.

Performance Monitoring

Have a sophisticated omni channel screen strategy for your video across all devices.

Traffic Analytic

A full funnel approach from top of the funnel awareness, consideration and remarketing. An overall strategy and tactics at each level.

Conversion Optimization

Increase the performance of your display and video campaigns using blend of data and science to drive results.

Social Tracking

Gain understanding how all channels play a role in the path to purchase and influence the key goals of your website and campaign.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Programmatic Agency Sydney

Our programmatic advertising approach is underpinned by our leading AdTech DV360 and Campaign manager which allows the strategy in place to maximise its potential. Programmatic advertising is all about finding the right audience, and creating a strategic plan to work the best for your business, across the funnel.

Creative message, keyword targeting, contextual ad placements, 1st and 3rd party data and remarketing all are important ingredients in a  successful campaign. Talk to the leading programmatic agency in Sydney about your next display or video campaign.

With various display ads formats: video, display, mobile, in app, YouTube and native, our expert team knows which channel and format work best for Awareness, Consideration and Conversion based campaigns.


Our Programmatic Media Agency Sydney Advantages

Programmatic advertising has many benefits for advertisers when implemented with the correct strategy and ad tech. Below are the top 5 benefits of partnering with Ardent as your programmatic advertising agency:

  1. Dial in on your KPIs harder – Our Programmatic trading will continually optimise to improving performance towards your campaigns KPIs and increasing overall ROI.
  2. Cost Effective – Our Programmatic trading approach ensures that we don’t set and forget. We continually monitor and adjust, test and measure to ensure your campaigns remain cost effective.
  3. Get real insights – Sick and tired of spray and pray with Programmatic and not knowing what works? Our team of experienced traders will get deep into the data to drive performance, but make it easy for you and stakeholders to understand how this is making a difference to your business.
  4. Ease of activation – Getting campaigns live can be tricky, setting up conversions, audiences, line items of audiences, and then there is optimisation. With Ardents’ programmatic trading desk, we take the stress out of this for you and make your life 1 project easier.
  5. Scalability – Ardents’ programmatic team, with our full funnel approach, increases your brands awareness to the largest audience possible, with limited wastage, to ensure your brand is on their consideration set.

Case Studies

Gregory Jewellers

To establish a digital footprint for a traditional and local jewellery store.

Best Gift Cards

To grow market share and increase website sales.

Fertility First

To increase the number of high-quality leads with a 30% budget reduction.


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