PPC Marketing


PPC is one of the most powerful channels for any business.

PPC is a channel that should be treated lightly. The immense capability of the platform means there is huge scope, but it can be fraught with danger for the inexperienced. Our PPC agency team, handle 6 figure campaigns every month, so you rest assured we know what we are doing. Whether you are a small business or national brand, we treat each campaign the same.

PPC Campaign Strategy

Critical to get the right set up from the start

Keyword Strategy

Aligns with your business and budget


Sydney's Leading Boutique Adwords Agency

Our Google AdWords management approach is extremely powerful across the full funnel not just at the bottom.
From creating brand awareness, through to consideration, and of course bottom of the funnel.

PPC Marketing funnel

Successful PPC Campaigns Don’t Happen BY Mistake. As a Leading AdWords Agency, We Take a Strategic Approach and Solid Platform Understanding.

Some key metrics around PPC marketing that make a BIG difference.

Track Conversions

We start all PPC campaigns by tracking only the metrics that matter, this is critical as it means that the AI platform combined with our strategy will optimise towards what matters most – sales, call, leads etc. Your data needs to be correct or without this your spend will over inflate results which will lead to poor business outcomes.

Organise the Account

We see so many poor and badly managed PPC / AdWords accounts. KISS – Keep it Simple Silly! Don’t try and outsmart the system, further when you have so many things to optimse and each with only a small percentage of influence, your performance suffers and again, poor business outcomes.

Keyword Strategy

We start by researching your business, the competitors and the audience. Knowing these 3 ingredients allows us to formulate a PPC keyword strategy that gives you the competitive edge – that is the hidden gems that the competitors aren’t targeting, but make a huge difference once you start to.

Creative Content

You can lead the horse to water but you cant make them drink. The same for PPC ad copy, poorly written copy undoes your entire strategy. Keep the message emotive, you need an action, a click, so we ensure this area has equal, if not more focus to drive the performance better.