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Let me ask you a question.

What’s your objective when you log into your Facebook account?

Is it to check your friend’s updates, comment on photos and generally see what’s happening in your network?

Or are you logging in to search for products and make a purchase?

Odds are it’s the former and not the latter. You’re going to hang out, not spend money.

Facebook is more about socializing than buying.

Seldom is making a purchase on a person’s mind when they’re scrolling through their Facebook feed.

This means that there is an overall low buying intent on Facebook. It sounds like a pretty silly place to try to sell, right?

Well, for some, yes. As a result, many brands end up being disappointed with their ROI.

Maybe they’re getting new followers, more engagement and so on, but it’s not really translating into solid conversions.

The problem isn’t with Facebook. The problem lies in the approach that many marketers take and “jumping the gun” by selling to someone who isn’t fully on board to buy.

But all is not lost. Because there are customers who are ready to buy. But for the vast majority of Facebook users who have no intention to buy, there is still a way to coax them to a purchase.


The key to succeeding with Facebook advertising is to first develop a sales funnel.

It must be sensible, logical, and take into account the fact that most Facebook users aren’t in a “buy now” mindset.

With that being said, we would like to present you with a step-by-step guide to creating a Facebook sales funnel.