Instagram is no longer just another photo-sharing app. Rather, it has evolved into a place to discover and buy new products. As of 2018, 39% of mid-sized businesses in Australia reported that they used Instagram to increase brand recognition. And with the introduction of shoppable tags in stories, menu shortcuts, ads, and a host of other features meant to support social ecommerce businesses, it’s safe to say that this figure has likely increased. In the same spirit of promoting social ecommerce, Facebook is now testing out another feature-Instagram Reels Ads, in select countries, including Australia, India, Germany, and Brazil.

            The Instagram Reels feature was released last year to compete directly with Tik Tok. In just a year, the platform has garnered a significant user base. That said, the introduction of ads on the platform comes by no surprise especially given that Facebook has been on a mission to help businesses advertise alongside subject content. You may be wondering why post an ad on Reels over Instagram stories? Frankly speaking, there isn’t much of a difference between the two features. Like with Instagram stories ads, Reels ads will be mobile-first, vertical, and full-screen and run up to 30 seconds. It also comes with different CTA button options, including “shop now” and “install now.” However, it’s with user engagement that Reels ads truly shine. Specifically, social media users will be able to comment on, like, view, save, share, and skip ads on Reels, allowing social e-commerce businesses to engage with their audience better.

So how can a business make the most of Instagram Reels ads?

             Given that 48% of Australian Instagram users follow a business on the platform, there is no denying ads in Reels offer massive opportunities to businesses. But to make the most of it, businesses will need to get a little bit creative. This includes creating engaging and memorable campaigns that tap into their audiences’ interests. Reels makes this pretty simple with the array of features it offers. However, caution must be taken as too many effects could render the ads too disruptive. In addition, businesses can make the most of Reels ads by offering their prospective clients convenience. For an eCommerce store, 30 seconds is more than enough time to show a catalogue of your products and encourage them to place an order.

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