Tips to leverage the power of PR and SEO for maximum impact

In today’s integrated and constantly evolving digital landscape, marketing and communication efforts are more aligned than ever before. None more so than the powerful forces of PR and SEO.  

Effective tools in their own right for engaging the public and stakeholders, combining traditional PR and media relations with SEO, have become almost essential to achieving optimum results in the digital media space. 

This has shifted the focus of many organisations to the emergent field of Digital PR. Digital PR strategies evolve brands to build their online presence through a combination of traditional PR and SEO tactics. One of the most effective ways to boost SEO is by obtaining backlinks from authoritative websites. Backlinks not only help to drive traffic to your site, but they also signal to search engines that your content is high-quality and relevant, which can help to improve your search engine rankings.

When it comes to boosting your online performance significantly, the combined forces of SEO and PR make for powerful allies. In this article, we break down the main ways PR and SEO can work together to amplify your brand and meet your marketing goals.  

1. By Honing in on Industry Specific Trending Topics  

One of the most effective PR strategies for boosting brand authority is through targeted ‘newsjacking’. ‘Newsjacking’ places your brand and key brand spokesperson at the forefront of the news cycle by providing thought-leading commentary on trending topics in your industry. If you’re wondering how newsjacking can work for your brand, read our case study here. 

But how can you guarantee your brand is primed to speak and react to industry timely news? Well, with Digital PR, you can draw on SEO tactics such as keyword research and analysis of Google search trends to inform the editorial calendar and present timely opportunities for your brand to hijack the news cycle.  

Major trends in keyword searches and topics can be leveraged through proactive storytelling to boost SEO and generate news interest. The right angle, delivered successfully through PR, will drive traffic to your website and maximise your organisation’s impact in the digital space.  

2. Link and Keyword Optimisation in Earned Media Coverage 

A strong backlink profile combined with the right keyword strategy significantly improves your brand’s search engine ranking. Combining PR and SEO through Digital PR ensures keyword and backlink optimisation across press releases, organic content or when working with media on earned coverage. 

Not only does this strategy help to ensure brand messaging is consistent and boosts the impact of placements by making sure customers are directed to the most relevant content. By understanding your audience and how your content performs on search engines, you can better align key messages and keywords across your SEO content and media materials to reach your target audience and drive more significant traffic for your brand.  

3. Building Strategic Relationships 

Relationships are often the driving force for PR success, meaning it’s often not what you know but who you know. SEO can assist with supporting PR relationship building by analysing backlinks to your website or conversations around keywords relating to your brand to help determine who is already talking about your organisation and industry.   

By making it easier to tap into these networks and conversations, PR teams can better engage influential voices – including journalists, writers, and social media influencers – to strengthen strategic relationships and leverage during future PR efforts.  

As a boutique full-service agency, Ardent’s expert Digital PR team draws on the knowledge of our SEO specialists to deliver impactful insights that drive more effective PR campaigns.  

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