85 per cent of consumers use search engines to find the products and services they need. Developing a solid search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is key to business success in 2022 and beyond.  

In fact, the organic search usually drives more than half of all trackable website traffic. This reinforces the importance of investing in SEO.  

SEO can help to build a self-sustaining business that organically generates leads, enquiries, and, importantly sales and revenue for your business. 

As more and more businesses tousle to climb to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Now is the ideal time to engage a digital marketing agency to review and optimise your SEO strategy to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.  

Ardent’s resident SEO expert, Ana, takes us through the top five ways you can supercharge your SEO in 2022!  

1. Get Started with an SEO Audit 

An SEO Audit is the first step to successfully supercharging your SEO. This process involves checking your site for issues that may prevent it from obtaining organic traffic.  

A comprehensive audit has several areas, including on-page and off-page SEO. This helps flag website issues that may affect your website’s ability to be indexed by search engine bots. Audit points include: 

  • Website speed 
  • Duplicate content 
  • Internal and external links 
  • Meta tags 
  • UX design – both desktop and mobile 

The deeper the page can be crawled, the better ability it has ranked highly in the SERPs and importantly delivers traffic to your website.  

2. Use Content Marketing 

Regularly publishing quality and valuable content on your website is one of the most effective ways to increase your rankings on search engines. Content marketing can help you build trust with people, educate consumers, and inform people about your products and services.  

To create a foundation of outstanding content, focus on giving your audience what they need. This may include answering common questions, offering unique perspectives on industry-related topics or crafting engaging pieces that people can’t wait to consume. 

You should also focus on re-optimising any underperforming content. Working on aspects that make it noticeably different from its earlier version can help to encourage bots to crawl your site more often.  

Content marketing isn’t limited to written blog posts and case studies. You can create any type of content, from e-books and infographics to videos, podcasts, webinars and other creative pieces to engage your audience. 

 3. Incorporate a Link-Building Strategy 

Backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors on Google, yet 66% of pages on the web don’t have a single backlink. 

Website traffic correlates to the number of backlinks on a page. The more backlinks a page has, the more monthly organic search traffic it receives from Google.  

To boost your rankings on Google and increase brand awareness online, incorporate a quality link-building strategy. Here are some tactics to help you start moving the needle: 

  • Fix broken links across your site. 
  • Reach out to others in your industry or niche and offer them valuable resources. 
  • Pitch guest blog posts to relevant websites with links to your site and have people guest post on your site if they have an authoritative presence online in a related niche. 
  • Find mentions of your brand across the web and request a backlink. 
  • Produce high-quality content that people want to share. 
  • Get people talking about you on social media.  
  • Draft a press release if you have something noteworthy to share. 

4. Improve Page Speed 

Webpage load speed can have a huge impact on users navigating to or around your site. Generally, a slow loading website is a turn-off for an audience who want instant results.  

Around 1 in 4 users will abandon a website if the loading speed of a page is higher than four seconds. If it takes a long time for your website pages to load for users, Google will detect this problem and diminish your search results rank as a result.  

You should always strive to maintain the lowest bounce rate possible, as this is rewarded by search engines in the SERP. SEO tactics can assist in boosting load speed, including by: 

  • Removing unnecessary third-party scripts 
  • Upgrading your web host 
  • Compressing large page elements 
  • Optimising CSS 

5. Get Serious About Search Intent  

Ana suggests this is the SEO trend that will dominate in 2022! Search intent takes keyword research to a whole other level and involves thinking about your goals as a business and how you want potential website visitors to see your brand. 

Search intent refers to why a customer may be looking for your business or organisation.   

Ask yourself, are you all about information, educating and guiding your customers and readers to learn something about your industry, or will you be transactional, asking customers to make a purchase or register for an event? 

By understanding these important questions, you can provide strategic direction on how to best implement and optimise your SEO based on user search intent.  

Ardent takes a 360-degree view of your SEO, providing a comprehensive service that doesn’t leave anything to chance. Our SEO Specialists will review and suggest ways to optimise and refine all on-page and off-page elements to ensure your website has the best chance of receiving optimal coverage. 

Get in touch to learn more about Ardent’s SEO services and how we can help you achieve your business goals!   

About Ana: 

Anamika Sethi (aka Ana) with over seven years of experience in search engine marketing – is an expert in technical and enterprise SEO as well as content strategy.