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Below are some frequently asked question regarding our experience, service level agreement and why you should work with Ardent.

Why should we work with Ardent Communications?

We are a team of experienced digital experts. As a boutique agency means you will get the love, further we do not have fancy offices or large overheads. What this means for you is quality service at competitive costs. We don’t sink costs into non performing channels – we recommend what will work, as your success is critical to ours.

What is the commercial cost?

We are open to work on specific models that suit you. We typically have a management fee for media spend and a basic set up fee for new campaigns. For SEO pricing plans please refer to our standard SEO management plans on the pricing page. However, if these don’t suit we can work on what works for you.

What channels should I focus on?

This is all dependent on your vertical, product/services, competitors and what it is that you want to promote. Is this an always approach or a specific campaign? The objective along with the category will dictate the channel to weight more.

What can I expect in return on ad spend?

The golden question! There are many variables on this with one of the biggest being the website that the traffic is being driven to. The old saying you can lead the horse to water but you cant make them drink. If this is the case, we can assist in conversion rate optimisation, landing pages, and web design and builds. We have some client that get 20x plus and some that get 3x for every dollar spent.

What conversion rate can I expect?

Same as the return on ad spend it will be determined by many variables – user experience, ad creative, call to action, the offer, the product and service and this goes on. What we can do is increase your conversion rate to get positive return on investment and build on this.

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