Facebook in a New World

It’s no secret, the world is becoming increasingly disconnected from reality. Everywhere you look people are glued to their phone screens or computers. It’s almost as if people no longer interact with one another face-to-face; instead, people contact each other through direct messaging, commenting, and posting.

It shouldn’t surprise people when I mention this epidemics main culprit – Facebook. And recently, users have started complaining that there is too much media and advertisements on the site rather than meaningful social interactions. Mark Zuckerberg has become aware of this and has actually made efforts at battling the problem. The company has changed its goals from connecting people to relevant information towards social connectivity. As a result, Facebook is seeing a decrease in users and increase in advertisement prices. Businesses are getting nervous as one of their main platforms for reaching audience members is changing.

Don’t freak out because this change is not completely bad. Although Facebook is changing, your business can still make the most of the website. This is a time to connect more deeply with your consumers (they want this connection after all). Fortunately, those businesses that care about their customers will flush out those that only care about sales.

Since users want a more connected Facebook society, it is important that you change your approach to a more social one. According to Forbes, you should speak with your audience rather than to them. One great way to do this is by asking engaging questions. These types of posts will likely allow you to converse with consumers and discuss topics. There are many other ways to go about this such as commenting on posts and replying to direct messages.

Live videos are another great way to interact with viewers. Not only will this get your brand visibility, but also will spur conversations among people. When people discuss your video, your business will appear higher in feeds. This is an excellent way to get people talking without bothering them.

In summary, the best way to liven your Facebook visibility is by creating a community through your business. The content should be related to your area of knowledge and should actively engage people. It is important for consumers to feel like they know their business, and Facebook provides the perfect opportunity to do this. Don’t stress about rising ad prices and falling users. Instead, focus on how you can really connect with the people who want to.

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