Developing a Media Outreach Strategy

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What is Media Outreach?
Media outreach is the practice of pitching a story to a news publication or other media outlet. More recently, companies are also reaching out to social media influencers and popular bloggers to get their message across to younger audiences. Media outreach is an important practice for your company, since it will give you free exposure to the audience you want to reach. Another benefit of organic publicity is that its content is perceived as more trustworthy.
How to Pitch

Developing an effective pitch is critical for gaining the attention of a journalist or social media influencer. Journalists and content creators are getting numerous pitches every day, so you will need a way to make your pitch stand out above the rest.

When developing your pitch, keep it short and to the point. You want to state the purpose of your pitch and why your audience should care. Make your story compelling so that people are genuinely interested in what you have to say. You want your pitch to come across as more of a real news story than an advertisement or a press release.

When pitching to a journalist, you want to be sure that your content is newsworthy. Winning an award, developing a new product, or launching an event are all examples of topics that may interest potential readers. Depending on who you are pitching to, different journalists or bloggers will be interested in different aspects of your story. This is another reason for you to identify your target audience and what type of story will hold their interest.

Media Relations

Media relations involves interacting with and building a relationship with news outlets and publications. Do your research on the journalist or influencer you are pitching to and read some of their work. Making a comment on one of their pieces and connecting it to your pitch is an effective way to get their attention and to build a relationship.

Keep your target audience in mind when reaching out to a news outlet, blogger or to a social media influencer. Identify the demographics of your audience to figure out which media they are consuming and how frequently they are engaging with it. You want to be sure that the story you are pitching is relevant to the publication and its audience.

Keep in mind that journalists may not have the time to write a story about your company themselves. Have a story already written out that the journalist can use. In the case of a social media channel or blog, offer to write the copy of a post yourself.

When developing media relations, be respectful of the journalist or influencer you are working with. Be aware of deadlines and be available to interview or provide information when it is requested. Always be honest and transparent when you pitch, otherwise you risk ruining your relationship with that publication. By doing this, your pitches are more likely to be published in the future.

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