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The Challenge

Our challenge for Best Gift Cards was to improve on the results that we had already achieved. Before December 2020, we had achieved an increase in conversions by 130%; with a 15% increase in Click-Through Rates. The conversion rate in the account doubled results in an 81.9% increase in online sales quarter on quarter.  

Along with the increase in ROAS, we were also challenged to provide an increase in revenue from all channels of 150% for December which is the busiest period for the business.

The Strategy

When we gained access to the account for the first time, the priority was to ensure that audience overlap was kept to the minimum for the account to achieve optimal efficiency. The potential of reaching more users with the same budgets was high and a cost-efficiency strategy was followed in the initial stages of growth. 

An audit of the account was carried out to identify areas of improvement. This brought to light wasted spending in the account, which needed to be addressed before any structural or budgetary improvements were made. Furthermore, end to end conversion tracking was put in place to measure success across multiple platforms. 

With these changes, basic hygiene was maintained in the account and the return on ad spend increased despite the target market being impacted by COVID-19. 

A considerable amount of time was spent restructuring the account. As Best Gift Cards represents restaurants and experiences restaurants all over Australia, a campaign was set up nationally using search query filtering techniques. This allowed the account to benefit through combinations of search terms and negative keywords. Furthermore, a shopping campaign was set up to ensure that Best Gift Cards created a strong digital footprint. 

The search strategy focused on the segregation of keywords based on brand and generic/non-brand search terms. Budgets were distributed more towards the non-brand side to ensure that organic traffic generated from brand terms was not cannibalised. At the same time, we ensured that Best Gift Cards would display ads for any gifting related search queries. This was further supported by remarketing through Facebook and Google Ads. Thus, a potential customer was targeted at every touchpoint of the path to purchase. The development of audience lists was carried out to ensure that the right users were targeted during the holiday season. 

The Call to Action on the website was moved based on conversion rate optimisation and design changes were made to the website. The rationale behind this was to build brand credibility in the eyes of the user. Furthermore, due to the inability of people to travel to Australia, international campaigns were created to target Australian expats and potential customers with family/friends in Australia. The ad copies were changed to appeal to the emotional side of customers. 

Hear From The Client

“We have worked with many Ad agencies over the course of several years and have never come across a more diligent, smart, and proactive team. 

Special kudos to Brandon who went above and beyond even on off days to monitor our spending across all accounts and suggest the next steps of action; and Jorge, who was more than helpful in strategizing and managing changes on to several verticals. Ardent has been very patient with us through the many limitations that we work with as a small company and for that, we’re very grateful. We couldn’t have done this without the support of your incredible team. 

And finally, you Danny, for putting all the pieces together alongside your several recommendations for additional marketing exposure for the brand. For all that’s next for de Groots, in terms of business development and expansion, I am now more confident than ever, that Ardent would only be an asset to us”.

Client Quotes

The Ardent team are amazing. Megasealed Australia cannot be happier with their service and ability to deliver the best result. Very happy to have them on board!

testimonail The Megasealed Team

Working in a small, but successful family run business means there are few resources, with everyone doing many jobs. Therefore, when it comes to media planning and buying it is essential to partner with someone that adds value, not only via experience, but by saving time and making things simpler and easier. Ardent Communications does this.

testimonail Real Foods – Corn Thins

Ardent Communications have a great team who are very digital savvy and an impressive senior leadership team. Their experience in Google Ads is fantastic. They took the time to understand what we wanted to achieve as a business, and this really impressed me. They are genuine people who want to make a difference for other businesses. Highly recommended.

testimonail Flo 2 Cash

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