Increase Digital Marketing Performance

To establish a digital footprint for a traditional and local jewellery store.

Client: Gregory Jewellers

Strategic Digital Marketing

A shift from a traditional website to an e-commerce website was undertaken along with detailed tag implementation strategy to record the behaviour flow of users. With high involvement purchases, it is critical to remind the user about the brand along every step of the path to purchase. A paid social campaign further drove traffic to the website through instant experience ads and remarketing to specific audience lists.


Comparison of Result

A well designed paid social campaign drove the target audience to the E-commerce website consequently leading to the population of audience lists based on user behaviour on the website.

 Users were then targeted through display remarketing resulting in a 698.26% increase in sales over six months. The social presence of Gregory jewellers grew rapidly alongside their organic rankings.


Delivering Results

Gregory Jewellers is an Australian Jewellery Studio that predominantly focused on sales through brick and mortar studios. With 14 stores in Sydney and 2 in Melbourne, the primary strategy was to drive store visits and explore the possibility of using E-Commerce to boost sales performance.

The project deliverables were set in stone. Drive traffic to the new E-Commerce enabled website while also driving a healthy amount of traffic to the jewellery studios. In terms of digital solutions, the objective was to drive as much traffic as possible to the new E-commerce website where we had set up tags that would populate specific audience lists. Furthermore a paid social brand campaign was launched on Facebook to create a digital trail leading straight to the Gregory Jewellers website.   


Within less than a month, audience lists were populating with great speed and audience specific campaigns were launched along with specific remarketing to make sure the  brand is present through the entire purchase cycle. Gregory Jewellers tasted success through E-Commerce and subsequently invested more time and resources into establishing a stronger digital presence.

Website Sales up by 698.26%
Conversion Rate up by 320.39%
Average order value up by 40.05%

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Gregory Jewellers