To increase the number of high-quality leads with a 30% budget reduction.

Project Date: 14 October 2019

Challenge And Solutions

A combination of landing page improvements in tandem with a fully-fledged Google Ads strategy. A clear digital translation of the business goals was created and implemented into Google search through extensive keywords research, ad copy optimization, and landing page development. Key services were segregated into separate campaigns to improve the quality of leads and new landing pages were developed for each service provided.


Comparison of Result

Overall traffic to the account increased by 80%, the average cost per click reduced by 64%, and the conversion rate increased by 92.6%. The extensive keyword research pushed up the quality score of up by 40% thereby improving the ad rank for the whole account.


Delivering Results

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Cost Per Conversion down by 81.50%
Cost Per Click down by 64%
Landing Page Load Time down by 250%

From The Clients

Fertility First