Increase market share alongside website sales.

Project Date: 01 February 2020

Challenge And Solutions

A combination of brand and non-brand campaigns over search, supported by engaging creatives over the display network. The content push strategy allowed Best Gift Cards to improve click through rates and quality scores, thereby improving the overall ad rank of the account. A thorough keyword analysis in addition with targeted remarketing achieved significant success.


Comparison of Result

A total increase in conversions by 130% with a 15% increase in Click Through Rates. The conversion rate in the account doubled results in an 81.9% increase in online sales QoQ.


Delivering Results

Best Gift Cards is a gifting business in a very tightly packed competitive space. The objective was to establish as much of a presence as possible and capture market share from competitors. The goal was to leverage the digital gift cards and reduce the dependency on the sale of physical gift cards.

As Best Gift Cards had a good organic presence the focus shifted more towards non-brand related campaigns based on through keyword research and customer segmentation. A pattern in the purchasing behavior was noticed from Google Analytics. Customers were more active during certain times of the day and this provided a great opportunity to influence them to make a purchase.

An Add to Cart strategy was also used to make sure additions to cart were followed up on by the customers through reminders from remarketing ads. The increase in number of conversions and purchase values are strong reminders of the success of these two strategies.

Average Transaction Value increased by 50%
Average sessions up by 44.3%
Quality Score of keywords across the account up by 40%

From The Clients

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