With a bold vision for the future, Ardent is proudly taking a robust new mission statement into the upcoming financial year and beyond.

Ardent first presented its inaugural mission statement in 2018. As a full-service independent agency, we have experienced incredible growth and recently embarked on our annual company retreat in the Hunter Valley.

The retreat largely revolved around exploring Ardent’s mission, vision, values, and the setting of agreed objectives to translate our reason for being into actionable goals.

Ardent’s new mission statement draws on the collective minds of our experienced team and embodies our reason for operating, which at its core revolves around ensuring our partners continued success.

To ignite marketing innovation and be instrumental in the success of our partners.   

As we continue to evolve and grow towards our bold vision of becoming Australia’s largest independent full-service agency, our renewed mission is the guiding ethos driving us forward. Importantly, it acknowledges our most important collaborators, our partners.   

“Our Mission Statement is the north star around which our strong culture is built. It is the single thing each person in our team can point to as their reason for driving growth with our partners. Beyond profit.” Said Ardent’s Managing Director, Danny Massa.

For our partners, our new mission statement is a pledge to deliver excellent results and always ignite marketing innovation and excitement. It is what we believe every business deserves to understand and utilise to build a strategic competitive edge.

Ardent has experienced significant growth over the last 24 months with over 20 new partners added to its portfolio covering a range of sectors from E-Commerce and Retail to Healthcare and Education, just to name a few.

“What sets us apart is not only the breadth of marketing services we offer but our strong value-based community culture reflected in our work. Combining this with the refinement of our internal processes and assets, Ardent harnesses these capabilities as our source of competitive advantage in the marketplace.” Explained Ardent’s Director, Elouise Hahn.

Here’s what a few of our team members had to say about the Ardent Retreat 2022! 

“I am so very grateful to be a part of an incredible team who are creative, hardworking, and inspiring. It was a week filled with thoughtful productive discussions, camaraderie, and good old fashioned team bonding! There’s nothing that sparks strategic thinking quite like some wine. We celebrated our achievements for the year that was, and we’ve set some kick-ass goals for the year to come! The future is bright at Ardent.” – Isabella  

“I would describe the annual Ardent retreat as an escape to wine country. The peaceful experience allowed us to grow closer together as a team and understand ourselves better; being taken out of the office and into the picturesque beauty of the hunter valley assisted with the process allowing us to reset and recharge for the next financial year. Together, we helped solidify the objectives and strategies for Ardent, making this a fantastic retreat; I look forward to more.” – Elma