As 2023 begins and we reflect on the year that was in 2022, we want to thank you for your support of Ardent in what has been a remarkable year. 

The engagement of our growing partners and trust in our ability to deliver excellent results has been a key factor in our continued success.

We let the results speak for themselves! In 2022…

  • Our paid team went above and beyond, managing over 1,000 campaigns, resulting in an astronomical $17 million dollars in revenue for our clients! Talk about money raining from the sky! *talk about making it rain! 
  • We generated an absolute ton of new quality leads for our service clients – a cool 60,000 in total – thanks to our top-notch team.
  • Our Google Ads campaigns brought in over 110,000 excited shoppers to brick-and-mortar stores! It was like a modern-day gold rush, but with more shopping!
  • We pulled off the incredible feat of implementing and mastering 100 email automations, resulting in an impressive 265,000 emails sent out in style!
  • I got a text! Our SMS Campaigns reached over 25,000 people during the wild and crazy year of 2022.
  • Our PR superheroes secured 187 media placements for our clients, generating audience reach in excess of 26.9 million, and a colossal ad value equivalency of $895k. Talk about making an impact!
  • Our SEO department’s campaigns grew by an impressive 160% year on year! Wowza!
  • We crafted winning SEO strategies for all our new and existing clients, boosting their organic traffic by a whopping 80% compared to the previous year. And we’ve ranked a huge 20,000 new keywords – now that’s some serious SEO magic!
  • The creative squad embarked on a mission to add a dash of pizzazz to the world, tackling over 100 design projects, snapping some amazing shots at 15 photo shoots, and meticulously crafting over 400 InDesign files!
  • While we’re at it we can’t forget to mention the incredible growth of Ardent! This year we welcomed 21 new partners with open arms and kept our existing ones happy with a retention rate of 95%. Our humble team grew by 77% – talk about expansion! And as if that wasn’t enough, we introduced a new service offering – a dedicated creative team, taking our services for our partners to the next level. 

Finally, a big congratulations to our Managing Directors, Danny and Elle on the arrival of their new bundle of joy, Baby Joey! 

The Ardent family just got a whole lot cuter with the addition of this tiny human. Here’s to being officially outnumbered by the little ones now. And how cute is this snap from Joe’s first day at Ardent HQ!

So, let’s bring on 2023 together! 

Want to kick off the new year with a bang? If you haven’t already book in for a free marketing discovery session with the awesome team at Ardent! Don’t wait, we could be delivering awesome results for your business!